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ResponStor® CBRN Body Storage CBRN Incident?

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ResponStor® CBRN Body Storage The Nutwell ResponStor® CBRN body storage system has been specifically designed to provide a simple storage and relocation solution for highly contaminated bodies following a CBRN, or HAZMAT, incident. Compact, easily assembled and transportable, the ResponStor® permits rapid response to mass fatality incidents, while providing dignity to decedents and ultimate protection to first responders during recovery and after. ResponStor® does not require any tools to deploy, requires very little maintenance and is simple to assemble even when clothed for CBRN...

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NUTWELL LOGISTICS LIMITED 2A Centurion Way, Crusader Park, Bath Road, Warminster, Wiltshire, BA12 8BT Tel: + 44 (0)845 8888 088 Fax: + 44 (0)845 8888 099 e: w: 12BSS(C) SPECIFICATION Store Dimensions: Chiller Dimensions: Cubic Stored Capacity: Weight: Operating Voltage: Operating Temperature: Material: NATO Stock Number: Body Capacity: Containment Period: Filters: BODY STORAGE SYSTEM OPTIONS • 12BSS(ES), external secure store variant • 12BSS(M), internal mortuary variant • 12BSS(B), internal bariatric variant • 12BSS(F), will freeze to...

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